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Setanta Insurance, Cover or Not

Article by Eamonn Fleming As a result of the collapse of Setanta Insurance Company in 2004 approximately 1,750 claims remain in existence against policy holders with that insurance company arising out of road traffic accidents which the injured parties are claiming were caused as a result of the fault of the Setanta policy holders. The […]

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Consumer Rights

If you as a consumer have a difficulty in trying to get a refund when an item you have purchased is defective you are not in the minority. Very often retailers to not adequately inform customers about how to return a defective item to the seller and very often warranties get confused with statutory rights. […]

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Breath Test Results in Irish & English

If you were convicted of drunken driving within the last two weeks you should immediately appeal this conviction to the Circuit Court as you have a good chance of getting off. This is the case if you were breathalysed using an Intoxalyser in view of the decision of Judge Noonan in the High Court on […]

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Access to Children

My Ex-Partner/Wife Won’t Let Me See The Children !!! This really should be rephrased “My Ex Partner/Wife won’t let the children see me”.  Children have a Constitutional right to have access to their parents (their grandparents and extended family).  This right can be upheld in the local District Court at very short notice and generally […]

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Surrogacy/Family Law

Whilst it can be suggested that surrogacy is a recent phenomenon it is worth looking at the Bible, Genesis 16.2/4 where it could be said that issues of Surrogacy arose between Abraham’s wife, Sarah and Sarah’s Egyptian handmaiden Hagar! Although it was intended that surrogacy would be dealt with the in the Children and Family […]

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