We aim to ensure that by thoughtful and careful consideration our clients can plan their estate in such a way as to make the process for the people they leave behind when they die, as simple and straightforward as possible.

Are you aware that you could potentially save your beneficiaries thousands of euro by planning the succession of your estate in a tax efficient manner?

You should carefully plan the passing of your assets when making a Will. We will advise you on all issues in relation to the transfer of assets by inheritance with related tax advices. We will give you advice specific to your own unique situation, we will listen to your concerns and will look at:

  • Tax relief available (such as agricultural relief)
  • Business relief
  • Favourite nephew/niece relief
  • Dwellinghouse exemptions
  • Minor child of a predeceased child
  • Surviving spouse relief
  • Dividing up your property to use any available tax free thresholds
  • Providing a fund to pay Capital Acquisitions Tax

Administration of Estates

We have extensive experience in making Wills, advising on succession rights, creation of family trusts and the administration of estates. Probate situations sometimes unfortunately, become embroiled in litigation when disputes arise between beneficiaries such as when some family members feel they have not been properly provided for by the deceased person.

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Who We Are

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