The Gardai are entitled to interview if you have been arrested, charged and cautioned. Detainees can now have their Solicitor present during interviews after a major policy shift by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) following a Supreme Court Judgment. The right to have your Solicitor present during interviews brings Ireland into line with most standard Practices in other European States.

Therefore if you are arrested, charged and cautioned you will now have a right to consult your Solicitor before you are interviewed. If you ask for a Solicitor then you cannot be questioned until the Solicitor arrives except in exceptional circumstances.

If the Solicitor you request is not available or will take some time to reach the Garda station, then you should be offered the services of another Solicitor on the panel for Solicitors assigned to that area.

You now have the right to have your Solicitor present in the room while you are being interviewed.