My Ex-Partner/Wife Won’t Let Me See The Children !!!

This really should be rephrased “My Ex Partner/Wife won’t let the children see me”.  Children have a Constitutional right to have access to their parents (their grandparents and extended family).  This right can be upheld in the local District Court at very short notice and generally the children will be given regular and unsupervised access to each of their parents by a Court.  From start to finish this process should not take more than 10 weeks.

What if my partner wants to move away and this will prevent me seeing the children?

Again this needs to be re-phrased “What if my partner wants to move away and the children will not be able to see me”?   Again the children have a right to have regular access to each parent and a Court has the power to prevent a partner / ex-husband / wife from moving away with the children (relocating) if it affects the children’s right of access to the parent that is not moving away.  We have done many such cases where parties for example wish to move to Australia, California, New York or even just the East Coast of Ireland.  We are familiar with the ever changing law involved in these matters both European Law and Irish Law and have acted on behalf of parents that want to move away with the children and parents that do not want the other parent to move away with the children.

Remember there is really no problem moving away as a parent (parents do it all the time)…… it is wishing to bring the children with them is the issue!!!